Tooth Jewellery

With body art becoming more popular than ever, the trend is fast catching on to incorporate even the teeth. Who doesn’t want a dazzling smile with a little something extra? Tooth jewellery is the next big trend and what’s more, it’s painless and risk free too!

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What exactly constitutes tooth jewellery is a glass crystal mounted on a thin film of aluminium to create a dazzling effect. One could also use gems like sapphire, clear, white and coloured crystals, etc.

You could also choose a dramatic ruby red to stand out. What exactly is the configuration of these bedazzling creations? You could choose from sizes of 1.8 mm and 2.6 mm. the fact of the matter is, dentists in Hyderabad offer you tooth jewellery for all your preferences and price considerations.

Top dental clinics in Hyderabad are offering the services of tooth jewellery at great prices and so much variety. This service is available in all the famous dental hospitals in Hyderabad with the best dentists in Hyderabad on board.

First the tooth surface is cleaned with a fluoride free paste, then it is dried and isolation is carried out. This is followed by acid etching with 37 percent orthophosphoric acid. This helps in creating tags that will enhance bonding. This is followed by washing the surface and drying it and then applying a dentin bonding agent after which the surface is light cured.

This is followed by application of flow composite and then the jewel is placed on the center of the composite and the position is adjusted. After you are satisfied with the position, the dentist light cures the jewel into place and you are good to go.

You could also easily get it removed anytime later with no change in the tooth structure (Similar to how an orthodontic bracket is debonded).

Ask for a customized Tooth Jewellery at your favorite dental clinic : ‘The Dental Room’ and make that smile shine bright like a diamond!

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