Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay is probably the most common oral health condition affecting people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and classes. High sugar intake, diet rich in refined carbohydrates, poor oral hygiene, and lack of a proper brushing routine can cause dental caries which can further progress and reach the pulpal tissues. This leads to sharp pain and tenderness which aggravates on consumption of anything hot or cold and makes it difficult for the person to carry out his/her normal routine.

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In earlier times, the only option to treat such extensive decay and pain was extraction of the decayed tooth which leaves lesser teeth in the mouth leading to occlusal difficulties, difficulty in chewing, drifting of teeth and many other issues.

The newer mode of treating a decayed tooth is what we refer to as Root Canal Therapy. This therapy involves the removal of the necrotic and infected pulp tissue and debridement of the canal with disinfectants, chelating agents, and sealing it using medicaments and ultimately filling it with non resorbing gutta percha and sealers.

The Dental Room proudly holds the position of one of the best dental clinics in Hyderabad having the best of endodontists and experienced dentists for a root canal therapy session which provides immediate relief from tooth pain and safeguard the integrity of the tooth.

We, at The Dental Room, offer state of the art services with affordable rates, yet with the latest in technology to provide the best treatment for our patients. With the latest in X-ray imaging technology, we give you the most precise and accurate root canal treatments.

We ensure a strict sterilization protocol so as to make sure zero contamination and a speedy recovery of the peri-apical lesion!

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