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With issues in tooth alignment becoming more and more common today, early intervention and the right treatment can work wonders for the aesthetics as well as mastication of the patient. Today orthodontic appliances, more commonly referred to as braces or dental brackets are available in so many different configurations and varieties but it is ultimately the expertise of the specialist that will determine the result of the treatment offered. Quite a lot of times, errant planning and pressure application have caused gum recession, undermining bone resorption, tooth loss, and many other problems. So you need to choose your orthodontist wisely.

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There are a multitude of orthodontic specialists available in Hyderabad offering a wide array of services including invisalign, clear braces, invisible braces (lingual braces), self ligating braces and other varieties of braces. You can choose invisible braces if you are more concerned about the aesthetics and want something inconspicuous for your mouth.

The best treatment is delivered when all aspects of orthodontic tooth movement, anchorage, and relapse are taken care of. A careful pre-treatment analysis which includes pre-treatment intra-oral and extra-oral pictures along with necessary x-rays, study models, case history and the basic idea of biological tooth movement forms the basis of successful orthodontic treatment. A good orthodontist makes sure that not only the treatment phase is comfortable but also ensures lesser errors in terms of pressure application which may lead to adverse effects on the underlying tissues.

Another important aspect of orthodontic treatment is to re-inforce the patient on the importance of oral hygiene to avoid any white spot lesions (WSL) that may occur during the treatment if ignored. Therefore it is equally important for the orthodontist to regularly counsel the patients during the course of treatment. Moreover, one needs to treat carefully in cases of space discrepancies. A thorough analysis of tooth material and jaw space discrepancies needs to be ascertained before planning the treatment considerations for the patient.

Last but not the least, always remember orthodontic treatments are incomplete without the Retention phase. Retention phase is equally important to make sure you retain the changes that are attained during the active phase of orthodontic treatment which is not much focused these days thereby leading to relapse! Since patients have already undergone a long duration of active therapy, they don’t focus much on the last and the most important phase of the treatment : The retention phase. Ask your orthodontist the right retainer needed as it varies from case to case.

With new invisible braces being available in the market, it has become even more crucial to choose the best orthodontist especially in a city like Hyderabad which is replete with dental doctors and surgeons. You need to choose the best dental clinic and dental hospital in Hyderabad to make sure your orthodontic appointments give you satisfactory results.

Keep in mind all these considerations before you plan to configure your smile!

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