Esthetic Crowns and Bridges

With tooth loss and decay becoming more rampant than ever, and even trauma cases posing as hurdles in proper occlusion and tooth anatomy, the importance of prosthetics has increased manifold. There are so many materials available today that are successful in reproducing tooth contour and anatomy that replacement of lost crown structure has become a cakewalk.

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More so, for people suffering from tooth staining, mottling, and fluorosis, esthetic crowns are like a blessing which significantly alter the appearance of the patient, enhancing their confidence while also aiding in proper occlusion (Bite).

Dentistry today is not just a medical field but an art. While one is able to conserve tooth structure, the results also lead to enhanced smile and superlative tooth function.

From ceramic to acrylic and composite crowns and also the introduction of compomers and other biocompatible and mechanically strong materials, crown restorations are more diverse than ever. The earlier era of metal and porcelain fused to metal crowns is passé. The metal although strong would lead to irritation of tissues, and provide and unsightly appearance. Whereas the porcelain fused to metal crowns were susceptible to half moon fractures and that would compromise the esthetics of the restoration.

With introduction of stronger materials and incorporation of sturdier elements in crown and bridge material, it has become possible to include both esthetics and strength in crowns and bridges. Dentists in Hyderabad provide for quick to place, esthetic, well fitted and occlusally sound crowns and bridges for patients. Choose from the best hospitals in Hyderabad for a perfect crown and bridge while you get the best of both worlds.

The Dental Room ranks amongst the most famous dental clinics in Hyderabad ensuring the most comfortable treatment procedures starting of with a great impression prior to denture fabrication, which aids in better reproduction of tooth contour. We also make sure to replicate the tooth which has to be replaced with utmost precision and meticulous attention to detail so as to give you back your naturally perfect smile keeping quality as our primary concern.

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