The Dental Room

In The Dental Room we focus on complete oral healthcare. Our Goals is to create long lasting oral heath while providing beautiful smiles as we treat our patients. In The Dental Room we excel in Dentistry by going beyond your expectations.

Our teams of dental experts are highly trained in latest technologies to provide high end dental treatments. We as a dental practice consider your oral healthcare beyond anything else.

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The word of our head doctor

We are dedicated to offer our patients high quality dentistry in a caring and gentle way. Our concepts follow ‘minimum intervention – maximum efficiency’ for any procedure thereby preserving your natural smile. Utmost patient satisfaction and care with minimal discomfort is our primary concern Our treatments cover a full spectrum of oral health care from basic examination to complete smile makeovers.

Dr. Md Safi Quraishi

Dental surgeon, head doctor

The Practice

At The Dental Room, we strongly believe that the patients and doctors become a team for treating one individual needs. Dr Safi spends most of his time listening to your concerns trying to understand the core problem so that he can suggest the best treatment options for you. With the help of assistants, he also follows up with you to make sure you are completely relieved by pain and other issues.

At The Dental Room, we have a practice of informing the patients about dental problems and treatment, because we believe informed patients take better discussions about their health. There is a reason why we have a blog in this website and ask for your email subscription so that we can keep you up to date about dental issues, treatments, and precautions.

Meet Our Dentists

Dental team at The Dental Room is a delightful energetic group of top rated dental professionals, hygienists, and the support staff.